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Unique Ways of Using Mẹ’s Way Chili Sauce

(Below pictures are licensed and provided by Shutterstock)

We know how important it is to have versatile condiments in your cupboards and we are so excited about the many ways chili sauce is being used in unique ways. Fusion food is vibrant, exciting, and popular right now all around the world. Spicy food has also had a surge of popularity, for good reason! The rich umami flavor and bold spice of chili sauce makes for a powerful intersection of flavors. Culinary masters and home cooks alike have found some intoxicating ways to use chili sauce in all kinds of dishes from the beginning to the end of every meal.

Some of the best ways to enjoy chili sauce like Me’s Way are delicious snacks and appetizers. Poured over fresh fruit like mango is a favorite way to enjoy chili sauce in Myanmar.

Pineapple and cucumbers’ fresh, juicy flavor lend themselves well to the complex heat that chili sauce offers, as well.

For a fusion inspired approach, top your deviled or hard-boiled eggs with chili sauce. The unique flavor is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

One of our favorite imaginative ways to utilize chili sauce is sprinkling a generous portion over a bag of buttery popcorn. Shake it up and serve for a zesty kick to your snack routine.

You can even use chili sauce as a base for salad dressings and spicy dips for chips and veggies.

The most surprising pairings for chili sauce are sweet treats. For anyone who loves a salty-sweet snack, or spiciness in unexpected places, chili sauce over a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream may hit the spot.

Drizzled over pancakes or sweet crepes with maple syrup provides an adventurous take on some family favorites!

Even amidst main courses, inventive ways of using chili sauce are emerging. Try it with toast and some of your other favorite toppings like smashed avocado and pickled onions for a spicy twist.

Lather some crusty bread with Me’s Way and create an open-faced sandwich with meat and veggies. Or, dress your toast with butter, chili sauce, and honey for a savory sweet breakfast side.

More traditionally, tofu is an optimal pair for chili sauce. Marinated and simmered in Me’s Way, tofu transforms into a tangy, spicy meat alternative.

In place of average hot sauce, Me’s Way elevates the flavor of savory crepes, omelets, and pizza. Malaysian pancakes called Lempeng are famously delicious drizzled with fresh chili sauce for a perfect meal.

Whether you’re making a quick week-night meal, or a delicious party snack, Me’s Way opens the door to an array of unique food possibilities that are definitely worth a try!


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