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“It’s zippy, salty, spicy, and sweet, and it ennobles nearly anything: rice and beans, noodle soup, heck, even a sesame cracker.”

“Dabble a little bit in your popcorn for that sweet and spice and you are good to go”

“100% mom-invented…, passed down from three generations of mothers to daughters.”

“The perfect savory, sweet, and spicy kick, whether you’re whipping up that stir fry dish at home or ordering from your favorite small business! Me’s Way is the new way to go for bringing some extra heat in the kitchen.”

“Delicious, on chicken, pork, any kind of sea food. I personally like it on sticky rice. Some people like it on popcorn for those spicey popcorn lovers.”

“Jar of chili crisp (…Me’s Way…are all amazing in this “Chili Crisp Ramen Omelet Sandwich”)”

“Dedicated to foodies, spice lovers and folks with Vietnamese heritage alike, Me’s Way makes both regular and vegetarian versions of its Chili Sauce. “

“The brand is committed to its values of heritage and quality.”

“Add a dollop of the chili sauce to popped popcorn and toss to evenly coat the popcorn…Serve and enjoy.”

“Add flavor and pizzaz to any meal with this incredibly delicious chili sauce! The quality, and time-tested care is evident in every bite!”

“This is a great all-purpose sauce that is full of flavor with a good little kick of heat. It is versatile, so you can leave it out on the table and add it to anything that needs a flavor boost.”

“This is one of the sauces you can add to just about any meal for a tasty kick — um, hello flavorful popcorn!! Just dump a dollop in the bag and shake it up. “

“ Mẹ’s Way, a bold, spicy chili sauce crafted from a short, simple list of iconic ingredients true to Vietnamese cuisine.”

“It definitely has a kick spicy kick to it, which pairs well with a ton of recipes.”

“Anchovy-based fish sauce steers the flavor, and its nuanced, balanced saltiness makes this distinct.”

“A Vietnamese version of the condiment from Me’s Way is closer to the Chinese version, though it gets extra umami from the addition of anchovy, in a three-generation-old recipe that is representative of the chili oil served throughout Huế, Vietnam.”

“Experiencing the food of the world is one of the great joys of travel. These days, we might not be able to jump on a plane due to COVID restrictions, but we can travel at home in our kitchens. This chili sauce packs tremendous flavor in a small amount. It has an outstanding balance of chili spice, garlic, and an earthy cheese-like character that serves as a base for sweet, tart, or green additions. The chili’s warm heat backs up its flavor with a medium kick that lingers without burning.”

“Last spring, the nation’s top food journalists were atwitter about the great chili crisp craze, dubbing it the condiment of the pandemic. They hailed the oil-slicked, thick, crunchy sauce as the go-to for every home chef in lockdown, noting new iterations from stars such as Momofuku’s David Chang and a product demand rate rivalling that of N95s. Alas, they missed a hidden crown jewel in this treasure chest, Me’s Way, made by Chau Tonnu, a first-generation Vietnamese American immigrant in Normandy Park. Most palates can’t pinpoint why her mildly heat-packaging, garlic-sugary version is spectacularly more flavorful than the top-seller, but we can’t resist telling you that it’s anchovy.”

“I opened the lid and took a smell, ohhh this was sooo nice its difficult to describe apart from mmmmmm I think that sums it up.”

“It’s a versatile sauce that can be added to just about any meal to kick up the spiciness of it.”

“Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021”

“For all the sauce-loving dads out there, Mẹ’s Way is a must-have!”

“Deputy Editor Melanie Hansche’s favorite Vietnamese-style chili sauce is tempered by sweetness and brings heat and glorious funk in equal measure, thanks to anchovies and fried garlic.”

“For an extra kick, add in Me’s Way Chili Sauce.”

“Mẹ’s Way is a Vietnamese style chili sauce that’s cracked the secret to a perfectly savory, sweet, and spicy condiment. This is one of the sauces you can add to just about any meal for a tasty kick.”

“If you’re a fan of Southeast Asian cuisine, that rich tapestry of sweet and savory, smoky and spicy – dishes like Laotian larb and Vietnamese bun – this will be right up your street adding a bracing dynamic to any dish you add it to.”

“A delectable Vietnamese chili sauce that’ll bring some of the flavors of your favorite takeout place to your own kitchen. You can thank me later.”

“For all the sauce-loving dads out there, Mẹ’s Way is a must-have! Mẹ’s Way is a Vietnamese style chili sauce that is cracked the secret to a perfectly savory, sweet, and spicy condiment. This is one of the sauces you can add to just about any meal for a tasty kick.”

“Each jar of the chili sauce are made in small batches and only include carefully picked ingredients.”

“Speaking of marinating, you can make a mean chimichurri sauce with Mẹ’s Way and marinate your meat or veggies the night before grilling. Mẹ’s Way is a Vietnamese style chili sauce that’s cracked the secret to a perfectly savory, sweet, and spicy condiment.”

“All of the sauces we tried at our Memorial Day BBQ were a hit. You cannot go wrong with this choice of sauce. Dad especially loved the chili sauce and said that it was not too hot.”

“Me’s Way is a Vietnamese style chili sauce that’s cracked the secret to a perfectly savory, sweet and spicy condiment.”

“This Vietnamese-style chili sauce is a perfectly savory, sweet, and spicy condiment.”

“Mẹ’s Way, a new brand of hand-batched chili sauces made with umami-laden anchovy and spotlighting the oft-forgotten Central Vietnamese region.”

“We do Taco Tuesday, every Tuesday in my house. So we have switched it up and made it interesting. And I’ve found a perfect way to do that with Me’s Way…It’s also great on things like MacNCheese, Roasted Chicken, even PB&J”

“If your cheese board could use a hit of spice, you’ll want to consider adding Me’s Way chili sauce… We couldn’t resist adding another tiny bit to a cracker or spreading just a hint on a morsel of mild cheese.”

“A bit different from your standard chili crisp, this combination of oil, fish sauce, sugar, chili pepper and garlic are a five-way punch of salty, sweet, spicy, garlicky, and deep umami. It elevates everything it touches, from sauces to stir-fries, including surprising things like caramel or vanilla ice cream. So even their large jar disappears fast. Tub it up, Me’s Way!”

​“Heat things up at your Labor Day Weekend barbecue with some delicious chili sauce from Mẹ’s Way. Made with chilis, garlic, and anchovies (there’s also a vegetarian version available) this sauce is the perfect mix of spicy, tangy, and sweet. Pair it with your choice of barbecued meat or grilled veggies for a unique taste that’s perfect for the summer.”

“This handmade Vietnamese chili sauce, made in the US, tilts your heat in an entirely new direction. Based on anchovies, dried red chili pepper and garlic, Me’s Way is in more for cooking with than shaking on to your eggs. There is also a vegan version with the same umami. I used this as a dressing for an Asian slaw, with sesame oil, honey, and lime. It would probably also be great as a dipping sauce for dumplings, maybe mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil to counteract its punch.”

“I love a good chili sauce and Me’s Way is delicious! It has lots of spice and lots of flavor. We all know how important flavor is to a good stir fry! This hand crafted, all-natural chili sauce is inspired by the creator’s Vietnamese roots. And I’m super impressed with it! It has the spicy kick I expect out of a good chili sauce, and it also has a lot of extra flavors (must be their super-secret seasonings that they add!) that I’ve not had in a chili sauce before. Basically, it’s amazing and makes all my meals with chili sauce taste amazing!”

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